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Analysateur de gaz auto
LD-816C Banc d’Essai d’Injecteur Common Rail


1.Application: Bosch,Delphi,Denso,Siemens solenoid valve common rail injector.

2.High pressure cleaning to remove the impurities.

3.Measure the injected & return fuel quantity under full-loaded, idling, pre-injection and emission status.

4.Sealing performance test :check whether nozzle, nozzle cap and solenoid valve leaks oil

5.Check whether the injector orifice is obstructed through atomization test.

6.User can add and edit the data by themselves.

7.Save and print the testing results & customer information.

Characteristics of equipment:

1. Computer control, 10.4” LCD touch-screen operation.

2. China-made flow sensor.

3. Rail pressure is controlled accurately by DRV.

4. Original Bosch CP1 pump and common rail system are equipped.

5. Industrial temperature controlling kit to keep fuel temperature constant at 40±2℃

6. Frequency converter is used to change the rotation speed

7. High test precision, simple operation, low noise, and saving energy.

Main technical parameters:

1. Rated output power: 7.5KW

2. Test rang of rail pressure: 0-1800bar

3.Oil pump rotation speed: 0-3500rpm

4.Test precision of rail pressure: ±2Mpa

5.Test temperature of test oil:40±2℃

6. Filter precision of test oil: less than 5μ

7. Capacity of tank: 28L

8. Dimension: 1200X900X1650MM

9. Aggregate weight: 350KG

10. Electricity: 380V, 50Hz, 3 phase


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